29. September 2017

Maritime Startups in Germany – do only fools start a company in this domain in Germany ?

Scandinavia, Holland, China even Greece has a lot of new upcoming companies that try to use new technologies in this very old business. I am in touch with new marine software or web companies almost every day. Most of them want to use and test the searoutes-api, because I offer them a special startup support, without charging in the first 6 month. Sad to say, […]

6. September 2017

Let´s meetup in October

Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are all nice plattforms – but we think that meeting in person and drinking a beer or coke is still the best way to exchange ideas and make new friends. So, lets meetup ! We want to meet on Tuesday, 10 October from 18:30 in Hamburg – please register on our meetup page if you want to join.

9. Juni 2017

Welcome to the German Network for Maritime Startups

Finally online and ready to bring maritime startups from Germany together. We want you to be part of our community. From experience, we know that at the beginning of an idea, there are often supposedly unbridgeable hurdles. We want to change that. As part of the community, we bring you together with other startups or help you to find the right partners. In addition, the […]