22. März 2018

Review of our 3rd Stammtisch

Hey all, have an impression of our 3rd Maritime Startup Stammtisch last night at Verband Deutscher Reeder. We had fantastic 1 Minute Pitches, good talking and special guests from The Docks (Nir Gartzman) and Steffen Knodt from Wärtsilä. The Websites of the Pitches: https://www.thedockinnovation.com/ Maritime Trust Platform http://www.ship-performance.de/ https://www.itsmycargo.com/ Commerzbibliothek

7. Februar 2018

CMA CGM starts their own incubator ZeBox !

CMA CGM moves into the ring and starts their own incubator ZeBox ! Rodolphe Saadé, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the CMA CGM Group, stated: « With Ze Box, CMA CGM is accelerating its digital strategy and is developing the means to become the transportation industry’s leader in innovation. By combining our expertise with the one of the start-ups that will be hosted within […]

27. Januar 2018

Wer hats erfunden – die Finnen !

Wärtsilä lädt 12 Maritime Startups zu einer Challenge nach Finland ein. 12 Startups werden zu einer 4-Tages Challenge nach Finland eingladen. Die Gewinner bekommen Geld, und die Gelegenheit zusammen mit Wärtsilä and einem MVP zu arbeiten. Hier geht es zur Anmeldung.

20. Januar 2018

Review of the 2nd Stammtisch at Hanseaticsoft

Last Tuesday, Hanseaticsoft opened its doors to the 2nd Stammtisch of Maritime Startups. Around 50 participants were following the invitation. In addition to interesting discussions, new faces and cool drinks and finger food, the speakers Alexander Buchmann and Carsten Bullemer were at the start with interesting topics. Alexander Buchmann from Hanseaticsoft talked about founding the company and presented his Cloud Fleet Manager, a software that […]

9. Januar 2018

2nd Stammtisch at Hanseaticsoft

The maritime startup community comes together again on the 16. January at 18:30 – Hanseaticsoft is hosting us in their office – please join ! https://www.meetup.com/Maritime-Startups-Germany/events/244126056/    

21. Dezember 2017

To be, or not to be, that is the question

APM throws its hat into the ring. The Danish Mega Carrier has setup his own Maersk Venture Programme and is trying to find early stage startups to solve safety and security issues in the world trade. We are curious to see who is going to be selected for the selection sprint in Februar.    

22. November 2017

The flying dutchmen from Rotterdam

Rotterdam – Europes most innovative port and a great city to visit, has a couple of interesting events and institutions that support startups. Each year Rotterdam hosts for example the worldporthackaton where people from all over the world come together and try to solve port related problems with coding and technology. Secondly, one of the most respected university of Europe, the university of Delft, has […]

17. November 2017

maritime accelerators – London’s Calling !

Rotterdam has one, Gdansk has one ,  even Mumbai has its own maritime accelerator. But now:  London´s calling ! Leonardo Zangrando, co-founder of Startup Wharf, has an background as naval architect and lots of expirience dealing with startups and entrepreneurs. His accelerator focuses on innovation which leverages Disruptive Technologies including Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning / Big Data, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality, […]

11. Oktober 2017

3 Farben und der 1. Stammtisch im Oktober

Rot, blau, gelb – nein, das sind nicht etwa die Farben des hiesigen Maritime Startups Fußballclubs, sondern unsere Batches für die Kategorie Startup, Corporate oder Media. Am gestrigen Abend fand der 1. Stammtisch der maritimen Startup Szene statt und die mehr als 40 Teilnehmer waren aus allen Branchen gut vertreten. Darunter Closelink, demogate.com, Clinch Logistics, Hommel & Partner, Cellular, Vesseltracker, Hanseaticsoft, searoutes.com, Auerbach Shipping, trusteddocks.com, […]

2. Oktober 2017

Hamburg „plans“ 100 Million Euro fonds to support growing startup companies

The fond is to be endowed with 100 million euros to help young, profitable companies to establish themselves in the market. The city will contribute ten million euros to the fund and is committed to providing private investors a further 90 million euros. „Our goal is to become the start-up and innovation capital city in Germany,“ said Rolf Bösinger, State Councilor of the Economic Commission […]