Monat: September 2017

29. September 2017

Maritime Startups in Germany – do only fools start a company in this domain in Germany ?

Scandinavia, Holland, China even Greece has a lot of new upcoming companies that try to use new technologies in this very old business. I am in touch with new marine software or web companies almost every day. Most of them want to use and test the searoutes-api, because I offer them a special startup support, without charging in the first 6 month. Sad to say, […]

6. September 2017

Let´s meetup in October

Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are all nice plattforms – but we think that meeting in person and drinking a beer or coke is still the best way to exchange ideas and make new friends. So, lets meetup ! We want to meet on Tuesday, 10 October from 18:30 in Hamburg – please register on our meetup page if you want to join.