Drift & Noise Polar Services GmbH

 Digital Service

Drift & Noise Polar Services provides automated delivery of operational ice maps to vessels and operators in polar regions and on-demand ice consulting.

The ice maps show tailored satellite information such as near-real-time radar images and sea-ice concentration. This unique information assist ships in finding the best passages through or around the ice and enables operators to safely operate knowing the current and future ice conditions.

Adapted processing ensures that the ice maps have small data sizes and are transferable via low-bandwidth internet connections. Ice maps can be delivered in various formats: complete integration into onboard viewing systems as well as pdf documents or commonly readable graphics formats.

Drift & Noise operational ice maps do not only help to comply the Polar Code but they increase the economical and ecological level of your polar activities.

Drift & Noise was founded in 2014 as a spin-off of the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research. It is a technology-driven consulting company, bringing new surveying solutions to the market. We specialize in geophysical surveying of ice, polar remote sensing and undertake air- and shipborne ice thickness measurements using an advanced electromagnetic technology. The services and products delivered by Drift & Noise are based on long-term field experience and are being continuously improved during research cruises into polar waters. We are working in close cooperation with the NASA, ESA and the AWI to ensure safe and efficient shipping and operations in sea ice covered waters.

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