About us

We are not an incubator, we are not an accelerator - we don't want money or shares in your company - our goal is to bring the Maritime Startup scene together and help with our national an international contacts.

We organize frequently meetups where you can meet Corporates, Universities, other startups or potential employees or interns

We bring startups together to share exhibition space at trade fairs, such as SMM or Norshipping

We organize conferences or client meetings together

We organize events, parties and hackathons to bring the maritime community together

We can help you finding investors or also give assistant for private or public funding

Let's also share experience with accelerators and incubators – not everything is so shiny as it looks

Share infrastructure, office space or computing power

Publish your job postings on our job board (coming soon)

Have fun, find new colleagues, friends & partners


No, we know that for startups every euro or dollar counts – therefore we don't charge anything for the startups. But please also don't expect 5-star catering at our events or unlimited drinks for free.
Corporates that are interested can sponsor some of our events, or even donate our work.

The Team

Hi, I am Annett,

I am the founder of Marine.Media and help corporates and startups with their Online Marketings activities. Before I worked at AIDA Cruise Company and was part of the beginning of Online Marketing in the Cruise Shipping Industry. After this, I joined River Cruises Section and was responsible for the Online Department.

In my spare time, I am a big SUP enthusiast and a blogger at www.sup-mv.de

Hi, I am Carsten,

I am the founder of Maritime Data Systems and during my career, I have started a couple of other startups in this sector. From my own experience, I know the difficulties founders have in this domain, but I also know the opportunities that exist.

If I am not working on maritime solutions, I spend time on the water with windsurfing, wakeboarding or playing football in the Aspria All-Star Team.

If you want to join this team and become an editor, poster of Maritime Startups, just let us know. We are more than happy if others would join and support our team..